Mammoth Office Products Chair Mat Finder

Answer these questions to be guided to a chair mat that best suits your needs

Do you need a chair mat 60" x 60" or larger?

Extra-large floor mats cover 60″ x 60″ or more

Standard mat sizes are 60″ or less in width, and less than 60″ deep

What type of floor will the chair mat be used on?

Tile, hard wood, concrete, linoleum, etc.

Carpet or rug

How thick is the carpet pile (including padding)?

Pile height of 1/4″ or less

Pile height of 3/8″ or less

Pile height of 3/4″ or less

What material do you want for this chair mat?

Extra-strength for all day use, and heavy loads

Budget-friendly option for general use or lighter duty applications

What shape mat do you need?

Rectangular mats with no lip

A rectangular mat with a lip that extends under the desk for your feet or to slide in a chair

Chair mat combined with an anti-fatigue mat for sit-to-stand desks

Triangle mat for compact space, but still extending under the desk

One of these chair mats may be your best option